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Is there a process for hiring your caregivers and if so what is it?

Each caregiver is screened before they begin to provide services to you. An intensive interview including reference checks, a criminal background check, random drug screenings, as well as hospice and Alzheimer’s’ training provided by Alternative Elderly Care, and your final approval.

Do I really have a say in choosing my caregiver?

Absolutely. Every family is encouraged to meet the caregiver at least once prior to beginning services. The process also includes ongoing support and follow up by our own management team. Our caregivers range in age, personality, and experience; you can be assured we will match you with a caregiver perfect for your needs.

Is the caregiver paid by our family or by Alternative Elderly Care?

Alternative Elderly Care handles all of the billing, payroll, and can assist with insurance, and related insurance claims.

Why shouldn’t a caregiver hire outside of an agency?

Our staff is insured and bonded. Our approach is to provide the best care Possible focusing on each client with an individual approach we are dedicated to providing the quality services.

What is the difference between Alternative Elderly Care and a nursing home?

We offer care in the comfort of your own home. We work with your schedule, always remembering that this is your home and everyone needs and schedules are different.
professional references.

What happens if I am hospitalized?

If you are hospitalized your care will be suspended and you will not be charged for those days or hours, if you wish you may resume care upon your arrival home with the same caregiver is possible. Any and all credits will apply.

How long am I committed to your services?

We ask for a two-week notice if you are canceling your service, should the service be interrupted because of an emergency or unforeseen circumstances we will work with you to resolve this dilemma. The workers need to continue working so they will begin to transition upon notice not leaving client until service is cancelled. We also provide Respite services on short term basis.

What happens if my caregiver can’t come to assist me, she’s late or she has to leave early?

Your caregiver should not leave early or arrive late for her shift. If this occurs, please don’t hesitate to call the emergency phone line. This phone is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. one of our supervisors will assist you with the care you require until caregiver arrives. If your caregiver is sick or not able to come, we will make sure you have a caregiver available to assist you.

Do you accept insurance?

Insurance companies are welcome to correspond with our office for information pertaining to your case, however we work on a reimbursement basis and payment is required at the time of service, your insurance company can reimburse you for your payment. We do work with auto or any accident related injury and will work with you for those payments. We have a background working with local attorneys as well, and VA Aid and Attendance benefits, please do not hesitate to ask prior to services.

Alternative Elderly Health Care - Testimonials

I just wanted to thank Bonnie, Lisa, and staff at Alternative Elderly Care. My Grandmother was in a severe auto accident and could not drive. Bonnie and Lisa are a pleasure to deal with. The communication and care that they have shown me and my Grandmother throughout this entire process has been wonderful. I was very skeptical of allowing any sort of care for my Grandmother: our family has always held that responsibility. We were faced with an unexpected situation and needed assistance. Bonnie and Lisa have been the example of what fine elderly care should be. I would highly recommend any of their services! They are kind, patient, gracious, and my Grandmother can not say enough about how friendly everyone is. The peace of mind I have knowing that she is in good hands is priceless. I will continue to use your services now and in the future. Thank you so much for making a difference in our lives!

MeChelle Lejk


Harry and I would like to thank you and your caregivers for all the services you provided for my mother for the last two years. It’s hard to explain the pressure that was taken off my shoulders by having your caregivers attend to mom and her increasing needs and her dementia continued to worsen. I never had to worry about whether a caregiver would show up so I could go to work or whether they would stay later if I needed to work late.

My mother enjoyed their company and the care that they gave her which included bathing, dressing and eventually feeding here as well. They also did the laundry and cleaned the house.

We had only been using your company for a short time when our daughter was in an accident in Lansing and was hospitalized. I received the call that I needed to go to the hospital in Lansing just as I was leaving to come home and relieve the caregiver. I called you in a panic and I remember you very very calmly saying, it’s okay Judy, just tell me what you need and don’t worry we will take care of it. From that call you had caregivers come to the house and relieve each other around the clock until I could get home. That was such a blessing not to have to worry about mom while I was taking care of my daughter.

Judy Entrekin


Our family can’t thank you enough for the excellent care you provided for my father. Your service was always kind, high quality, and dependable. As anyone with an aging loved one knows, peace-of-mind is so very important. It was a blessing for us to know that Dad was given the best in care. Our caregivers were so important to maintain Dad’s quality of life in his final years. It was so great to see the glow and smile on his face when he greeted them! I would recommend your home care service to anyone. Our family wishes to express to you and your caregivers our heartfelt thanks for your many years of service to our father!

Larry Kerber


The purpose of this letter is to thank you and your staff for assisting with an extremely sensitive situation with one of my parishioners. In a view of her needs to receive daily assistance and her families needs to care for her, you and your staff were able to gently and professionally care for and meet the needs of this transitional time. As a care and prayer professional I am impressed with your ability to listen and walk with the family and client. We all wish the best for our elderly family and friends and often find ourselves limited in time and resources. Because of your agencies ability to engage with and attend the emotional and practical needs of the entire family I witnessed the emergence of a peace with all who participated in the transition. Life changes for all of us. You and your staff are a blessing to me personally and the family of St. Andrews. Thank you again for all you do and may our God continue to bless you in your work.

Fr. Jay Gantz

St. Andrews Episcopal Church

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